The only commitment for your clients is to purchase breakfast and dinner each day of their stay at the Hotel of their choice. Considering that our company has been producing this promotion for the last 15 years (Australian Getaway Directory ®), we found that this condition is very acceptable as people (end users) must eat anyway, particularly when all the prices for meals are at regular hotel tariffs. Our program is perfect for people who enjoy both fine food and travel.

To satisfy the clients who do not want to eat in their Hotel, we also have a number of properties, which do not have any meal requirements at all - you only pay for one nights accommodation and stay one night free. The combination of these two choices satisfies the Hotels and Resorts and greatly benefits our business clients like your company, as it allows you to use this promotion as a holiday giveaway.

Your clients apply an Australian Getaway Reward value (part or whole) towards the cost of accommodation at hundreds of Hotels and Resorts throughout Australia, with a minimum stay of 2 nights in each participating hotel.

Each Australian Getaway Reward is valid for 12 months and can be purchased whenever you choose to suit your specific promotional schedules. That gives each recipient plenty of time to take advantage of your generosity.


Clients do bookings online by selecting the Hotel they want and choosing the amount of Getaway Dollars they want to spend. It gives the recipient total control over their reward and where and when and with whom they will travel within a range of choices.


Your client can use the entire value of Australian Getaway Reward at once or use a partial value, or use multiple Getaway Rewards towards the amount shown within a selected Hotel and Resort, or make bookings multiple times as long as the Getaway Reward value and validity is current, subject to the Australian Getaway's terms and condtions.


When you hand someone the Australian Getaway Reward, you are actually giving him or her a FREE HOLIDAY (conditions apply). Getaway Rewards include full validation and instructions how to connect to the online booking service and details of each Hotel. That is all you have to do. Bookings and administration of this program will be taken care of by the Australian Getaway Office.


The average annual rate of occupancy for Australian Hotels is approximately 70%. That means that 30% of the rooms are vacant. Unfortunately, operating expenses are nearly the same as 100% occupancy. There is no more perishable commodity than an empty Hotel room. In other words, if a room sits empty for a night, that night has “perished” and has gone forever. Australian Getaway is able to coordinate these opportunities and have signed a special contract with Hotels, so that everyone benefits. The occupancy gap is filled, the resorts acquire new customers and your customers receive a free vacation gift.